Marbled March 2019

March is here, I hear it has been for handfuls of hours already? Ahh...
This is year 5 of Marbled March! So I guess I should have this whole thing figured out. AND YET...let's get into it.

~~~~~~~~~Marbled March 2019~~~~~~~~~

Semi-custom marbles! pick your model, your firmness, then pick from the choice of marbles. Pretty straight forward if you've been around since 2015 or the years since.


Old Stock on Etsy will have a higher discount than usual, and marbles in the shop will have a small discount. For those not up for a wait, this is a good option.

-Discontinued options:
Full transitional marbles and Dealer's Choice are both absent this year. Transitionals have been replaced with a less time consuming option, detailed below. Dealer's Choice is removed as it was intended to reduce time, however far too many took advantage of this in a vexing manner.

-New options:
Spring Forward, my Spring Special, features a pour of super translucent pastels of shimmery pink-gold, green, and indigo - marbled with a sparkly white that is imbued with threading of matte white. This is offered as a free option as usual for my seasonal Specials.
have a similar end result but are less time consuming than the traditional Transitional. Translucent tones will appear to transition from one to the next with an offset-color marbled in.These are best in and will be done with shimmery transitioning tones. The offset looks best matte, but may also contain some shimmer
Gamut is an option for those wishing for All of the Colors. This is good for sunsets that run through the entire spectrum, bold vaporwave neons, holographic rainbows, etc. Let me know your particular inspiration in notes or an email.
Pseudo-Transitionals and Gamut are available in the Specialty Marble Type Listing

~~~~~~~~~Some things to keep in mind~~~~~~~~~

-Firmnesses are: super soft (0030), soft (0050), medium (approx 8A), and hard (10A). They have been detailed in the FAQ
-Quantities will be replenished only once the queue of a model has been worked through.
-The more colors involved a pour, the more likely the pour will be imbalanced, ie may represent only one color on a side of a toy.
-Metallic and glow pigments affect the weight of the silicone, so may also cause issue with colors blending (I have only green and blue glow, the latter of which can be hidden without affecting tone too much. I am not offering glow on super soft - 0030)
-Super Soft has a tendency to create very blended pours and pours that are very imbalanced. This is exacerbated with shimmery pigments.
-Marbled March is only for marbles, I am not offering other color options at this time.
-I will be uploading various pre-mades (leftovers and pours that do not meet my criteria) on Etsy throughout the month when the new week sets go up.
-For questions please ask me: email me at damnaveragesheep(at) or on Etsy.
-If an item is marked "sold out," its queue is full and it will not be getting relisted until I work through outstanding orders of it.
-I am one chronically ill person. I hope to have these shipped out within two months of ordering, but I simply cannot provide you an exact time frame. Marbled March is historically fraught with delays. There will be delays. Pours usually get done multiple times before I am satisfied with them. If you are unwilling to wait a long time, MM is not for you.